What a Cure Means

For the 2.8 million people with MS worldwide, what a cure looks like is just as unique as each of their experiences with MS. Whether it’s riding a bike again or never having to worry that a loved one will also hear the words, “you have MS,” explore what a cure means to people affected by MS and share what it would mean to you.

What a Cure Means to Scott

When Scott was faced with a progressive MS diagnosis, he redirected his life to become a leader in the MS movement.

What a Cure Means to Faith

Faith takes her MS one day at a time — never settling, and living life with a smile on her face and a determination to tackle whatever challenges come her way.

What a Cure Means to Stacy

Stacy does it all. From her home life to the halls of Congress, she keeps moving forward to be there for the MS community and get closer to a cure.