Understanding What a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis Means


Cheryl raises awareness for pediatric MS and wants to ensure no child gets diagnosed ever again.


Terry wants to continue doing what he loves with the people he loves — and hopes his daughters never know what living with MS feels like.


When Lyssandra goes to the doctor, she hopes to hear something she has never heard before: “your MS is cured.”


While Scott’s new set of wheels made him happy, he hopes for something greater through a cure. 

Gaining Global Consensus on MS Cures

Curing MS is within our reach. The Pathways to Cures roadmap will drive progress by increasing alignment and focus of global resources on high priority research questions. See the scientists and organizations that have endorsed Pathways to Cures.

Achieving a World Free of Multiple Sclerosis

With collective gifts totaling $16 million, the Pathways to Cures Lead Investors are working to cure MS by helping establish the early momentum needed to rally the world. 

Pathways to Cures Research Roadmap Published

The Pathways to Cures for MS Research Roadmap is now available at the Multiple Sclerosis Journal. Endorsed by over 26 national and international MS organizations, the Roadmap will focus global resources on the high priority research needed to achieve cures for MS.

Cures for Multiple Sclerosis Will Take All of Us

By convening MS organizations, scientists, donors and people living with MS across the world to collaborate on the most promising research pathways, we can close in faster on a cure for every person affected by MS.


We would like to thank our 2023 Pathways to Cures Global Summit partners.

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